4 MARET 2021 Leadership in Digital Era

Developing high impact leadership to lead and manage team in this new era & beyond

ONLINE ZOOM Rp.350.000 Dijadwalkan
10 Maret 2021 Managing Diversity for Stronger Internal Partnership

Maintaining and strengthening relationships with colleagues

ONLINE ZOOM Rp.300.000 Dijadwalkan
17 Maret 2021 Sales Presentation Skills

Combining approaches in salesmanship, communication & presentation to effectively boost up sales

ONLINE ZOOM Rp.300.000 Dijadwalkan
24 Maret 2021 Effective Negotiation Skills

Adapting negotiation approach or achieve win-win solution in today’s business

ONLINE ZOOM Rp.300.000 Dijadwalkan
08 April 2021 Creative Problem Solving

Providing various skills & tools to generate creative ideas for problem solving & decision making using  I-D-E-A-L approach

ONLINE ZOOM Rp.350.000 Dijadwalkan
15 April 2021 Service 4.0

Understanding service (CX – DX –UX) in today’s context & creating better experiences for our future  customers

ONLINE ZOOM Rp.350.000 Dijadwalkan
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