In our Non-training Programs we help our clients to prepare the service ecosystem to create great customer experience and team’s capabilities in managing and delivering service to customers. The proposed program shows the big picture on how and what needs to be done at the different phases of the service culture journey.

Our Non-Training Program



This program is designed to assist the organization’s management team in leading change and transformation towards prime (good to great) in the scope of services. Concepts and theories are adapted to enable the management team to implement and drive positive change within the organization.


This program provides a tool to identify individual service potential in the 8 dimensions of STAR service (Positive outlook, customer-first mindset, people orientation, basic respect, personalized responsiveness, reliability, professional acumen, resourcefulness) and understand the results and follow-up that needs to be done.

Employee Assessment

This program assists organizations in assessing employee competencies through psychological assessments. This program provides comprehensive reports on individual potential and things that can be improved by them. This program is suitable for recruitment, selection of the next leader or employee awards.

Service Professional Certification

Coming Soon! SQ Center Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower (KEMNAKER) and National Professional Certification (BNSP) develop professional standards for service providers. These work standards are divided into 3 professional levels, front liners, supervisors and managers. This Service Competency Standard is prepared and developed to ensure that all personnel (HR) involved in planning, developing, implementing, managing, implementing and supervising services have competent competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) required according to strategic and operational functions. they carry out in fulfilling the rights of customers to get excellent service.
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