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Service Quality Centre provides training and non-training solutions to its clients with holistic approach towards excellence in service and innovation.
Since our establishment in 1990, we have assisted hundreds of organisations across industries in people development and process improvement to increase their customers’ satisfaction and their competitive advantage.


Benefits of working with SQ Centre


Relevant Experience with Private and Public Organisations

SQ Centre is proud to be associated with many private and public organisations in their journey towards organisation and corporate excellence. Since our inception, we have consulted for over 1,000 organisations in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Effective Application of Experiential Training Techniques

Our training is effective for employees from all levels and especially suitable for adult training. It is a powerful training technique, which translates the emotive energies into behavioral transformation at the workplace. There is also a high level of involvement by employees and opportunities for two-way communication throughout the learning.

Proven Methodology for Developing a Positive Mindset towards Change

SQ Centre will inject proven methodologies in this program to develop positive mindset towards change. However, we also caution that training should be well supported by other organisational factors in order to translate this positive mindset into behavioural actions. The benefits extend beyond the training as it serves as the benchmark for future endeavours.

Nurturing a Culture of Service Excellence

The proposed training also serves as a service culture building opportunity. The culture building activity will serve as a strong foundation for future service improvement initiatives and as a long-term goal, transform organisation into an excellent organisation. SQ Centre will integrate relevant service quality concepts and practices into this program as well as inculcate a strong sense of customer orientation in employees. This makes the training unique as it combines the best of service quality with behavioral

Speciality in Service Quality

SQ Centre prides itself in being exclusively dedicated to assisting organisations attain service excellence. We have developed a comprehensive list of services and interventions to assist our clients in their journey towards service.
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